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Clay Utensils, Table Covers, Handmade Jhumar and Many Latest Products Awaits You At SUREKHA UDYOG!

About Us
About Us

Managing the difficult task of making available not one but different variety of products available for sales under one roof is SUREKHA UDYOG, a 2017 formed establishment, largely reckoned for catering buyers needs pertaining to home decorating, cookware, food and other products.

Our company serves Clay Utensils, Table Covers, Wall And Door Hangings and a few other products from its setup in Osmanabad, Maharashtra, India, on a PAN India level. Two years since our establishment and we have become a customers favorite company as we are making available the aforesaid line of products in numerous dimensions and designs, and serving all of them at industry best rates.

Not solely as a manufacturer and trader but we excel at serving also as a distributor of the best eco-friendly clay products of Mitticool brand. Companies engaged in Retailing, Hospitality and other sectors invest in our range and get benefiting results in terms of high sales and revenue.

Relating With Customers In All Terms

Our company was formed few years back in 2017 thus, it is utmost important for us to attain maximum satisfaction of the clients. In order to build long-term and fruitful relations with the customers, we try to provide them comfort through the means of:

1) Prompt delivery service
2) Actively solving queries
3) Quoting best prices for bulk orders
4) Distribution of products in various markets

How Are We Gaining Clients Trust?

SUREKHA UDYOG has spent only two years in the industry, but has gained prominence because of its production and sourcing of quality products namely Fancy Toran, Handmade Jhumar, Clay Dinner Set and more. The quality of these products are incredible as they are made up of quality base materials in compliance to global standards.

On a regular basis, we are gaining customers trust by maintaining a culture of success, where employees work in coordination, share progressive thoughts & views to better serve customers and secure a growing reputation in the industry.

Variety In Products

Every individual buyer looks for variety to choose the best out of all the products which meet their requirements. Here at SUREKHA UDYOG, the customers will get Clay Utensils, Table Covers, Wall & Door Hangings and other products in a huge variety of colors, designs, finishing and material. The reason for introducing a large variety is our commitment to meet buyers expectations.
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How Are We Gaining Clients Trust?

There's a misconception that newly formed companies can't gain trust of customers. Breaking this misconception is SUREKHA UDYOG, a customer's trusted company.

Variety In Products

We hold specialization in making the best door hangings, clay products, table covers and other items available in different styles, designs and sizes.

Relating With Customers On All Terms

We, as a dynamic, progressive and quality committed organization relate with customers on all terms, a few of them are bulleted below:

Excellence- 'A Crucial Factor Behind Our Success'

We at SUREKHA UDYOG, believe that excellence is the key for success as we have in a little span of two years attained a large customer base owning to the factor of excellence, around which we work and serve. Customers are sure to find our products such as Fancy Toran, Clay Dinner Set and Handmade Jhumar, in complete perfection because high industrial standards are followed during these products fabrication. Not only in production, excellence in the form of high quality is also well-maintained during communication and dealing with customers.
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